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Comic Book Projects


SpaceCooler is a 4 issue mini-series comic book, written by me and drawn by Brian Rogers. The story follows two cops chosen via a lottery to man a space prison for a year. One is going there with a hidden agenda, the other has feared this day since becoming an officer. We were lucky enough to have some amazing pro creators contribute covers for the book. Some of those creators include Jimmy Palmiotti, Andy Kuhn, Victor Santos, Thomas Tenney, and more. 


The Accursed

The Accursed is written by me with art by David Camescasse. The story follows a young woman trapped in her teenaged body by the curse of a Hedgewitch. Olivia Starkings was to become the balance between humanity and the supernatural. Now she must track down the Hedgewitch that killed her parents and cursed her before her world is torn apart. Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Harry Potter and Kill Bill mixed together. Published by Blood Moon Comics beginning in November 2023.



Adrift is written by me with art by Jacob Eguren. The story follows a young woman who finds herself washed up on the shores of an island where murder is a pay to play sport and a secret society carriers out their misdeeds. 

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