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Acting Resume 

I have worked on many television and film productions. I have been a featured Background  and Stand-in actor in the listed productions. I am always open to taking on new roles. 

Currently filming Wycaro 339


Better Call Saul 

I have worked on multiple seasons of Better Call Saul and held multiple roles in the final season.

The Night Shift

I worked on multiple seasons of The Night Shift. I was the regular stand-in for Brendan Fehr. I was also the stand-in for Myk Watford and I was a featured background actor in the reoccurring role of a doctor. 


The Space Between Us

I was brought in to play the role of a Colorado State Trooper in The Space Between Us. 

Other Projects

Doom Patrol      Black Panther 

In Plain Sight      Stranger Things

Easy Money        Maggie Moore(s)

Blue Beetle         Logan

Marvel's The Avengers   Roswell

Fright Night         Infinity War

The Cleaning Lady season 2

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